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I'm Nayda!




Ever since I can remember I had loved simplicity with a special detail that brings everything together. 

That's exactly how I approach my editorial and surface design projects.


I live in the Northwest side of Puerto Rico where you can watch the most gorgeous sunsets!

The Island history and culture is a big influence in my surface design work.

Clear visuals that enhances the message is my style when approaching my editorial projects. That’s why I consider myself a visual communicator.


Every element used in the design must serve a function to help the reader get a sense of what it is all about the moment they set their eyes on the design. 

My surface design is driven by modern geometric shapes. I get inspired by my culture, nature and shapes I discover by just watching objects around me.

I have a BA in Graphic Design and a MA in Advertising. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with businesses, government, non-profit entities and personal projects of talented people.

My heart can't resist dogs, books, or coastlines. In my free time, there's nothing I enjoy more  than cooking or baking something I have never eaten before.

Do you have a project in mind?

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