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Adobe InDesign: From Master Pages to Parent Pages

Adobe InDesign: From Master Pages to Parent Pages

From Master Pages to Parent Pages

Adobe InDesign has made some changes. One of their most powerful and used tools has change its name from “Master Pages” to “Parent Pages”.

This is what Adobe has said:

Words paint pictures that speak loudly. The use of words with racist, sexist, oppressive connotations, overtones, or history can make the reader feel hurt, traumatized, or unwelcome. With this in mind, non-inclusive content and reference imagery in Adobe's products are being replaced with those that reflect the company's core values of diversity and inclusion. As part of this effort, in the latest version of InDesign (version 17.0), Master Pages have been renamed to Parent Pages within the application. Do let us know if you need more information.

So now what?

Their functionality is the same. Only the name has changed.

Whenever you open an existing Adobe InDesign file, it will still say “Master Pages”. But new documents will say “Parent Pages”.

So what are Parent Pages after all?

“Parent Pages” are like a template that you create. Once you apply it to any document page, whatever you have designed in the Parent Page, will appear in the page. This is handy whenever you need the same layout or element in many pages from a document.

Once you apply a Parent Page to a document page, every element from the Parent Page will be “locked” in the document page. To unlock it, you press Ctrl+Shift (Windows) or Command+Shift (Mac OS) and click the item. That way you can make changes in the document page without affecting the Parent Page.

One of the most common functionalities of a Parent Page is to set the page numbers of a document.

You can learn more about “Parent Pages” in my Skillshare class “Plan, Design, & Publish Online your Portfolio with Adobe InDesign”.


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