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  • Nayda Cruz

How Create Professional Graphic Design by Yourself [Skillshare class]

Design for Non-Designers. How to create functional and attractive design. A Skillshare class.

Lately we have been immersed in the digital world. The solution for E-V-E-R-I-T-H-I-N-G is online. This include design tools. There are many, they are free and they are great. But, do you still feel your design doesn’t look as good as it should? 

That’s why I decided to create this Skillshare class. Because there are three main aspects of design that, once you master them, you design skills will improve dramatically.

So, in this class you will learn about:


  • Where to find free and legal fonts.

  • How to install them in your computer.

  • How to combine diferent fonts the right way.

2. Images:

  • Where to find free and legal professional photos and graphics.

  • How to choose the right image style.

3. Color:

  • How to create basic color combinations that will make you design stand out.

Watch the class introduction here:

This class is great for bloggers, small business owners, nonprofit organizations volunteers…anyone in need to spread out a message. You may have a little experience with design or none at all.

By the end of this class your will be able to create designs that attract people and give them the exact information that you want to; without distractions.

Skillshare is a paying platform, but you can click here to join free for 14 days!


This blog is a space to learn about design and how it intertwines with life; and also about technical aspects of design. I invite you to join my email list. This way you will receive a message every time I publish a new blog. I respect your privacy and will never share your personal information.


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