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  • Nayda Cruz

The Wildflower and my Birthday

The Wildflower and My Birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday and I decided to design something in honor of it.

Turns out the other day, in my morning walk, I encounter a wildflower in the middle of nowhere.

I stopped. Turned back and stare at it. So many thoughts came through my mind.

The beauty of a wildflower is its briefness, its unexpected presence, and its strong delicacy. Just like life itself.

Briefness. We tend to remember with deep fondest what is no longer available for us: a summer internship with close friends, a delicious meal we once had in a faraway place, a loved one who is gone…

Unexpected presence. Finding the unexpected is one of the wonders of life: finding a lost item, meeting a person who changes our lives, looking up to the sky and finding a specific shape that makes us laugh…

Strong delicacy. Wildflowers, such a delicate, small flower, even grows through the sidewalk. As a reminder that life always, no matter how brief or unexpected, persists…

And yes, sometimes the brief, the unexpected and the delicacy can be hard. Still, while it lasts, it keeps doing what it was intended to do: grow and live.

Today I grow (literally!) and choose to live, like the wildflower.


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